Engineering Projects Commercial

During the last 45 years, we have built up a portfolio of projects from land use planning to engineering plans and specifications to town center developments.

Commercial Projects:

discount-drug-mart Discount Drug Mart – Montville Township
Client: Discount Drug Mart
This project is the design of a new store location. Our firm was responsible for all engineering plans and specifications for the project, including ODOT roadway widening and easements, other roadway widening, utility connections, grading, drainage, pavement, and cost estimate and all local and state approvals.
Brunswick-Towne-Center-Arial Brunswick Town Center – City of Brunswick
Client: Zaremba Group and City of BrunswickThe project is a mixed-used development designed to serve the City of Brunswick’s need for a community focal point, gathering place, and city center. A development divided into five distinct and unique neighborhoods, the plan provides living, shopping and entertainment opportunities while offering a unique natural setting. The development includes two large anchor stores (Home Depot & Giant Eagle), several smaller retail shops, restaurants, community buildings, a medical and office complex as well as over three hundred residential housing units. Our firm is responsible for all site engineering plans and specifications including, roadways, utility extensions, grading, draining, pavement widening, signalization and construction layout of all improvements.
imagefill Medwick Market Place – City of Medina, Ohio
Client: Zaremba Group
This project is a mixed-use development. The 155-acre property has several residential communities as well as commercial sites, a movie theater, restaurants and a City Fire Station. Our firm was responsible for all engineering plans and specifications for the projects, including roadways, traffic studies, utility extensions, grading, draining, pavement, signalization, cost estimates and construction layout of all improvements.
giant-eagle-store Giant Eagle
Brunswick Lake Project
Home Depot
Regal Cinema