Engineering Projects Municipal

Municipal Projects:

parktrail Medina County Park District – Mugrage Park – Granger Township
Client: City of Medina – Patrick Patton, P.E.Survey, verification and topographic mapping based on aerial photography and a preliminary design analysis of the park layout, including ponds, lakes roadways, parking and trails. Construction plans for the park trails, ponds, parking and roadways.
imagefill Village of Lodi Water System Improvements
Vandemark Rd. – Village of Lodi

Client: Village of Lodi – Harold Kasten-Krause, P.E.

Improvement plans, specifications and cost estimates for the installation of new water main and the improvement of storm sewers, including design of water main, grading, utilities, water plant improvements and construction layout of all improvements. Requires O.D.O.T. review and approval.

imagefill Lake Road Concrete Reconstruction
Plans, specifications, cost estimates and bidding documents for the roadway reconstruction improvements for approximately 4,350 L.F. including replacement of water main, and storm sewer and construction layout of all improvements.
Mugrage Park
Altman Park
Commerce Drive Extension